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Discover LC3?

LC3 stands for Limestone Calcined Clay Cement. It is a combination of clinker, calcined clay, limestone and gypsum. The cement blend uses 50% clinker, 15% non-cement grade (high silica or high MgO content) limestone, 30% calcined low grade china clay (non-ceramic grade) from mines and 5% gypsum.

  • Lower Calcination Temperature for Clays

    700-800°C, almost half the temperature required for clinker production

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions

    40% less compared to OPC at lower investment

  • Use of low grade raw materials

    Limestone with impurities such as dolomite and quartz can be used without calcination

  • Low Clinker Factor

    Can be reduced upto 50%


Information about BIS Standard for LC3

BIS Standard for LC3 was released in June 2023. For more information click here

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